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What can I say about me? Based in Toronto, you’ll find me working in public relations by day, specializing in luxury, travel and retail brands. But when I’m off the clock, I usually spend a lot of my time in the kitchen, daydreaming about food or developing recipes – over the years it’s become a bit of a creative outlet and a form of delicious therapy when I need to unplug.

My inspiration comes from a few places. Sometimes it’s a restaurant meal I want to recreate with a different twist at home, or exploring different cultures and cuisines on my travels. And while I do love a gourmet challenge, my approach to cooking is not posh by default – dinner can just as easily be a few scrambled eggs or a can of tuna eaten over the kitchen sink.

I’m lucky to have learned from the best cooks – my mother Daniela, and grandmothers Maria and Alice – with a bit of inspiration from Julia Child, Martha Stewart and the Swedish Chef along the way. They taught me to try new things, appreciate the classics and cook with passion and love for best results. With half Italian / half Belgian roots, good food has always been a major force in my life and for years one of my goals was to write a cookbook as a means to capture a bit of my family history, and share my two cents about food and cooking. Fast-forward to today and a blog seemed like a more realistic endeavor, so here we are. TasteDriven is a space for recipe ideas, test-driving flavour combinations and culinary memories based on my travels.

Eating well and cooking at home doesn’t need to be complicated or break the bank. Experiment, try something new and have fun doing it – it’s all a matter of taste. That’s what drives me.

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Aaron Michiels


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